No doubt Digital Photo Frame has become really important in our life as we love to show the Photographs to the loved once. Where we travelled, our life enjoyment, etc. There are several Digital Photo Frames in the market but some has made their special place on the list. One is the NIX Advance – 12 inch Digital Photo -X12D that has made on the top spot because of several reasons, my own review and comparing the other Photo Frames and much more. Helping you to find the best is my work and yes the reasons why I selected this as the best one you, must read the whole article explaining this.

What is Digital Photo frame?

For those who don’t know what is a Digital Photo Frame is an electronic device with a Digital Screen that show your picture, photographs on the screen of the device digitally, that means you don’t have to print the photo physically. It just shows pictures and with a lot of settings and customisation.

Technology has come a long way and this is one product that is just unique in its own ways. In older times what we used to do is print the pictures and put those in an album, sure you remember! and time came when we used to print photos still but now we used to make collages on the Photoshop or any other software and we print those, got them framed.

But now we have got options like Digital Photo Frames where we don’t need to print photographs, yes, not even spending a dime on printing, we can now directly view our photos from other device to a Digital Photo frame.


WHAT are the factors that affected the choice

There could be numerous factors affecting your choice on how to choose for the desired Photo Frame.

  • Display Size – One of the main reason that people or you in fact wants to buy or purchase a Digital Photo Frame is the display size. No matter how much you are into photography or clicking some good  photographs, but viewing them in small screen or display is just something not acceptable, you are not doing right to the photos and to the viewers who would be seeing your photographs. Large display is the one you would have to consider and I considered it for you. Minimum of 8 inch is the size you would want. It would fit any where, on the table, wall etc.
  • Interface – this is the most important thing because when you will gift it to your love once or to your grand parents, even parents, you want it to be simple. guys we are really from the technology era an we grasp things quickly as compared to our parents, but our parents need something that they can easily understand to operate and use quickly. The interface is the key to that and NIX has the best interface.
  • Display Quality – The quality of the images or the pictures on the Digital Photo frame should look High Definition. This is one thing that we can not compromise on. I mean no one wants to see bad quality images. So NIX has the HD display with the 720p video support.
  • Features – The features are somewhat an add on in these Digital Photo Frames. Literally NIX provide many features which you can not ignore. Some features are Wi-Fi, Calendar, Clock, Sensors, etc. These companies are now providing great deal of features in different models.

These are some of the factors that I used to compare the Digital photo frames and the result to these are below.

NIX Advance – 12 inch Digital Photo & HD Video (720p) Frame with Motion Sensor & 8GB Memory – X12D

This is the first choice that I made and the perfect one. This the NIX Advance 12 inch display Digital photo Frame.

Reason for why I chose this Digital Photo Frame

  • The interface on this devise is just mind blowing. No confusions and easy to use. It provides great user experience.
  • It lets you watch 720p videos. I mean that is HD video quality and there are very less Digital Photo frames that provides you with such quality.
  • It can play all the videos and the photo at the same time in same slideshow.
  • Motion sensor – It is a great option as this is enabled in this device as well. Hu motion sensor is the sensor on this. If anyone enters the room it turns on itself to showcase pictures and videos and when someone gets out of the room or leaves, it turns off. This is a great feature.
  •  No need of tangible cables! just insert SD card or USB stick for photo sharing on device
  • The price of this is cheaper that the other Frames.
  • It come with a remote so that you can Access the frame without any difficulty.
  • Almost all file formats are supported, even the clicks and pics fro iPhone and Android phones as well.
  • It does not require batteries.


What I did not like about this..
The Digital photo Frame is not having a WI-FI feature which makes it less worth. But at this price range, I think its a cool option. With the lack of this feature the you can not directly send the photographs to the Frame and you have to use only USB flash drive (pen drive) and SD card. For me this is a great in its own ways. 


Wall mounted NO WI-FI
Calendar, Clock NO Direct Sharing
Motion Sensor One colour(Black)
All File Support
Photo Shuffling
720p Video support


Pix-Star 10.4 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame 












My second choice is this beautiful Pix-Star 10.4 inch WI-FI Cloud Digital photo frame

Reason for choosing this Digital Photo Frame


  • The display or screen size is sufficient 10 inch big. The ratio is 4:3. This device is a High Quality one.
  • It consumes less energy because of LED backlight low use.
  • It is connected to the internet so you can manage the frame directly from the internet.
  • It sends photo via Email from the phone. So you actually receives photos directly through the internet to the frame.
  • Access to the online accounts like FLICKR, Picasa, Facebook, etc.
  • It has great features like weather forecast for the specific region you wants to know.
  • It also has motion sensor which i have told you about in the above paragraphs.
  • 4 GB inbuilt storage. It is easy to configure.
  • You can also play music in this Photo Frame and Radio stations. personally I think these are not the features you would like in a Photo Frame until Its about getting one like this.
  • Also has Games, alerts and reminders. Which we generally have in our phone.
  • And it can be controlled through a remote control.


What I did not like about this..
This is a great Photo Frame but because of the many features it is providing to us, it gets a little over budget, if you are looking for 140 $ product then this one is not for you. You have to shell out More money (like 20 $) extra just to get this and that too 2 inch less than the NIX 12 inch Display. Also I don’t think it is a great deal because the features are just too much for a Photo Frame! I have all these features in my smart Phone that is more handy than a 10 inch Digital Photo frame .
WI-FI Enabled Too much features
Calendar, Clock One colour(Black)
Motion Sensor
Direct Sharing
RAdio, Music Play
10 inch portable display


Nixplay Seed 10 Inch WiFi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

My Third choice is the Ultimate  Nixplay Seed 10 Inch WiFi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

Reason for choosing this  Digital Photo Frame

  • High resolution photo Quality (9.7 inch) IPS display with 1080p HD Screen Resolution
  • It is also equipped with the HU-Sensor that we all know of. It stays Off when there is no one around, When someone come around or in the room, it turns itself on.
  • definitely consumes less energy Because of the motion sensor feature.
  • It is the most stylish good looking frame with back support to keep it standing and also you can keep it in Portrait mode and Landscape mode both.
  • It has an internal memory of 8 Giga Bytes in it that means no purchasing of SD card and 10 GB free online cloud storage is provided with it.
  • It has a mobile app and you can simply connect it to the iPhone and android devices and send photographs.
  • great interface even for the once who are not that technical.
  • It obviously has a remote control with it.
  • Can connect to FLICKR, etc.
  • You can click the pics and can send directly to the photo frame from anywhere and can share it to the family and friends.


What I did not like about this..
I think this is the best Digital Photo Frame but is slightly high on the price point. You can get a lot features in this price range or even at lower price range but overall a great Photo Frame


WI-FI Enabled Small display
Stylish Little Expansive
Motion Sensor
Direct Sharing
10 inch portable display


TENKER 10-inch HD Digital Photo Frame

This is my Fourth and last choice TENKER 10-inch HD Digital Photo Frame

Reason for choosing this Digital Photo Frame

  • This is a High Resolution Screen Display with the 720p and 1080p High definition videoplayback
  • It has 1024×600 HD display.
  • You don’t have to change the settings of the photograph, it will automatically  change the portrait and landscape settings.
  • It has a multiple file support of MP3 , Video, Images
  • It also has a Calendar and clock system in it
  • Supports SD cards, Pen Drive, etc
  • Low in price as compared to the other Brands
What I did not like about this..
This is a great Product with a great low price. But for me it did not seems to be premium. As compared to the other products from the other brands this is Low profile, but what more can you get at this much low price. Click he link to know the price. You will be surprised to see the price


Low Cost Does not feel premium
HD Screen One colour
HD video Playback No WI-FI
Support All files
10 inch portable display


NAME NIX advance X12D NIXPLAY SEED Pix-Star FotoConnect XD TENKER HD Digital Photo Frame
Display Size 12 inch 9.7 inch 10.4 inch 10 inch
Connectivity USB, SD card USB, SD card, Wi-fi USB, SD card, Wi-fi USB, SD card
COLOUR One colour Multi colour One colour One colour
Overall Size 11.81 x 1.3 x 9.65 in 0.91 x 9.37 x 6.34 in 1.07 x 10.6 x 7.75 in 4.88 x 8.74 x 10 in
FEATURES Motion Sensor, Clock, Calendar Motion Sensor, Direct Sharing (APP) Motion Sensor, Direct Sharing (Wi-Fi), Weather Forcaste, Games, Alerts, Reminders, Radio, Music Calendar, Clock, MP3


This was my detailed review guys. I have put my all knowledge into it and hope you guys will find it helpful.

This product is a great choice as a holiday gift. Many people are still using Physical photo albums for their Photos and I don’t think they are living fullest in the technology era. Do choose a product and you can gift this anytime to anyone ( Family, friends, Loved once, Grandparents) and they will also find it helpful. Christmas is on its way and this could be a great gift.

This product is so cool and always watching photographs on a screen hanged on a wall or on a desk or anywhere. no doubt this is a great device.


Thank you very much guys, I will give more reviews on other products till then, cheers!

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