Affordable & Cheap Bedroom Best Hi-Tech Gadgets you can’t live without !

Affordable & Cheap Bedroom Best Hi-Tech Gadgets you can’t live without ! We are really fortunate that we are living in the technology era which is affordable. Technology is doing a lot specially in improving our lives. We are part of this technology building era and we can definitely see technology shaping our lives and […]

Best Budget Tech Gadgets Under 50 dollars you can buy right now!

Well Christmas is on its way and you will be wondering what should i gift to my family or sibling or even children. Don’t worry here is the best budget gadgets under 50 $. 50 bucks does not seems to be a high price according to the gadgets on the list that i have picked […]

What is Net Neutrality | What is the battle of Net Neutrality | FCC Vote | WIKI | Why is this Important | AJIT PAI

What is net Neutrality? According to me this is the right for all the users who use internet and this is like something who does not discriminate any user, website, blog, etc. which is by the way is very important for any Internet marketer or any one who is promoting their sites for their own […]

What Is Photography | What is it to me | How you should start Photography ?

Photography is defined in many ways, it means different for each of us, but for me… Its always different for people what they see things as, one is photography and people have different perspective and visions on this particular thing. For me photography is what I see from my naked eye, my eye does the composition […]

My Wonderful Photographic journey with my smartphone LG G6

Hey readers ! Today i am going to tell you about my epic journey with my new android smartphone LG G6 ( Best phone i ever had). Its been 4 months since i own this beauty! I have never thought that purchasing this mobile would end up in beautiful journey. Honestly i bought it because it […]

Top 5 Budget (Best) Entry-Level DSLR FOR BEGINNERS

Hey Readers ! In my previous article I have told you the ultimate beginners guide for buying a DSLR and also told you guys that I would get you the list for best top Five Budget DSLR for beginners (specially in India). Well there are many great options of cameras in the market to buy […]

Beginners guide to choose and buy your FIRST perfect DSLR

Hey readers, Hope you are doing well. Today I would like you to give a very simple and better view to buy your first ever DSLR. Most of the people these days are just buying Dslr (Digital Single lens Reflex) without even thinking of the purpose for buying that model of camera! well I will […]