My Wonderful Photographic journey with my smartphone LG G6

Hey readers !

Today i am going to tell you about my epic journey with my new android smartphone LG G6Best phone i ever had).

Its been 4 months since i own this beauty! I have never thought that purchasing this mobile would end up in beautiful journey. Honestly i bought it because it looks simply awesome with its Bazel less design. Probably first Bazel less phone. But when i used the phone, I WAS BLOWN WITH ITS FEATURES AND PERFORMANCE. i know many of you would not want to know this techie stuff but i have to tell that it was way too much as i expected!

I really did not know the camera of this phone was going to change my perspective on mobile photography.

All right, enough of this stuff, below is the collage of some of the pics clicked through this awesome phone , tremendous picture (image) quality.

Photographs through LG G6

This phones is having great camera sensor and there is specially a preset in which you have to double click the volume rocker button ( down ) to launch the camera even it is locked (without unlocking – wowww) . This is obviously not a cheap one. I got my self for 40k ! LG does not hold a great market in India and also no Store (physical), you have to buy it online. LG has a very good impression on me unlike Samsung.

Many big international companies like Verizon and AT&T are giving this mobile for just 11.99 $ and 19.50 $ / month for 2 years. That’s cheap guys. Hope we also get same kind of deals and offers in India like in U.S. and Europe.

Thanks for reading !

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