NIX Advance - 12 inch Digital Photo & HD Video (720p) Frame
Best for viewing your Photos

For those who don't know what is a Digital Photo Frame is an electronic device with a Digital Screen that show your picture, photographs on the screen of the device digitally, that means you don't have to print the photo physically. It just shows pictures and with a lot of settings and customisation.

Technology has come a long way and this is one product that is just unique in its own ways. In older times what we used to do is print the pictures and put those in an album, sure you remember! and time came when we used to print photos still but now we used to make collages on the Photoshop or any other software and we print those, got them framed.

But now we have got options like Digital Photo Frames where we don't need to print photographs, yes, not even spending a dime on printing, we can now directly view our photos from other device to a Digital Photo frame.

Reason for why I chose this Photo Frame

  • The interface on this devise was just mind blowing. no confusions and easy to use. It provides great user experience.
  • It lets you watch 720p videos. I mean that is HD video quality and there are very less Digital Photo frames that provides you with such quality.
  • It can play all the videos and the photo at the same time in same slideshow.
  • Motion sensor - It is a great option as this is enabled in this device as well. Hu motion sensor is the sensor on this. If anyone enters the room it turns on itself to showcase pictures and videos and when someone gets out of the room or leaves, it turns off. This is a great feature.
  • ┬áNo need of tangible cables! just insert SD card or USB stick for photo sharing on device


  • Wall & tablet mounted
  • Calendar & Clock
  • Motion Sensor
  • HD videos playback
  • Every file format supported
  • Shuffle photos


  • No WI-FI
  • No Direct Sharing (mobile)
  • Only one colour (Black)
NIX Advance X12D