What Is Photography | What is it to me | How you should start Photography ?

Photography is defined in many ways, it means different for each of us, but for me…

Its always different for people what they see things as, one is photography and people have different perspective and visions on this particular thing.

For me photography is what I see from my naked eye, my eye does the composition and thus an electronic device (Camera DSLR) captures the Image or photograph, after this a little editing on Photoshop, Lightroom and thus as a result a well composed photograph. (hope i kept it simple to understand).

                                         Merriam-Webmaster Define it as:
The art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energy and especially light on a sensitive surface.

                                                Wikipedia define it as:

Photography is the science, art, application and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, either electronically by means of an image sensor, or chemically by means of a light-sensitive material such as photographic film.

That is just the literal meaning ! There are different ways to express what you feel and one way is photography. It is a Passion.

Well it is a medium for me to express my feeling, my perspective to see things, it is love to me. I enjoy clicking beautiful pics ( images) every single time and it has always given me the best experience of life has to offer to me.

One of my first Photographs clicked through point and Shoot camera

Watching people smile whenever I click their Photographs, creates valuable memory, pleasing moments that i always cherish, it brings Positivity in me and attracts me more.

It has been eight years now and I am still loving and practising it.

My parents gave me my first camera (not a DSLR) eight years ago and right after that i started involving myself in this beautiful world of Photography and created memorable moments and times.

I have travelled to many local places (attractions) to photograph, met new people, and no matter where ever I went specially to many diverse places, people always get excited and happy (actually interested) to see me clicking their photographs and that is the moment I always love too see (people smiling because of me).

Since that I have always dreamt of becoming a professional Photographer and contributing Photographs and people memories from my side to the society. Though i am not successful at being one (accomplishing my dream) but writing this article on my Blog will definitely get me closer to the world and meet people involved in it.


New guys (beginners) who practise photography often ask me how to master it (you can not jump to the top just like that ! ) Photography is a never ending process of learning and experiencing activity. No one is trained at the beginning only, you have to gain experience. That’s the clear cut process.

This is a very popular leisure activity and there are many several people literally creating, clicking beautiful images which always makes me super enthusiastic and inspired.

Beginners if you are really are interested in learning and practising photography, JUST DO IT ! Start doing it as i always say. No matter if you are not from this background, neither joined any course, have not enrolled or trained in it, it actually does not matter, the thing that matters it you start it now! Its your imagination that gets you involved in it.


If you would really like to learn the Basics of this field, do the things listed below:

  • Visit Forums
  • Read photography Magazines
  • Visit National Geographic
  • watch YouTube Videos
  • Instagram posts
  • take part in Competitions
  • See tips and tricks

Go to some places on Earth , go on Holidays to explore the surroundings, Travel more often because it goes hand in hand with photography, enrol in workshops, and most important take your camera to the Family Functions, Events, Occasions and ceremonies. You will learn a lot.

You can check out the 5 beginners cameras (DSLR) for beginners and guide for choosing perfect DSLR. I always tell you to purchase from NIKON, CANON and SONY because of their Services provided Globally.

For beginners I would say learn about basics and techniques used in Photography like Exposure, Rule of thirds, Shadow, Lighting, Colour, Sharp perfect Images, Shutter control, Aperture, Composition is the most important, etc.

I have started it as a hobby and willing to go further in it , who knows you might be the future of photography.

Guys i say it again, start photography if you are interested in it cause it is a very beautiful lifestyle and feeling of being a Photographer of any sort. Fell free to contact me anytime guys.

Cheers !

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